Minneapolis Heart Institute
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About MHI®

Minneapolis Heart Institute® was established in 1981 with a simple, yet lofty goal – to help prevent and treat the universal problem of heart disease. Today, our commitment to this goal is stronger than ever as we improve the quality for those we serve, whether here in Twin Cities, communities throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, or around the world.

Committed to Research

Minneapolis Heart Institute® is complemented by its companion organization, the nonprofit Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®. Comprised of Minneapolis Heart Institute® physicians and a dedicated research and administrative staff, MHIF conducts extensive research to evaluate new methods of prevention and diagnosis, and to study innovative treatment methods and noninvasive procedures to reduce the stress and costs of cardiac care without compromising quality.

A Rich History

Learn about Minneapolis Heart Institute®’s history, including its important contributions to the fight against heart and vascular disease including being the first in the Midwest to implant an artificial heart, creating protocols for heart attack and other cardiovascular emergencies that has led to faster treatment and thus reduced mortality and offering the most advanced and least invasive valve replacement procedures. Read more about our history.