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Minneapolis Heart Institute® offers a full range of cardiovascular services throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin, offering cardiology consultation and cardiac diagnostic services where it is most convenient for patients.

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Raed Husam Abdelhadi

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Specialty: Cardiovascular disease - Clinical cardiac electrophysiology - Internal medicine
Location: Minneapolis Heart Institute – Chaska (Two Twelve Medical Center) / Minneapolis
Phone: 612-863-3900

Erica Baumann

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Specialty: Vascular surgery
Location: Minneapolis Heart Institute – Vascular & Endovascular Services
Phone: 612-863-3900

Mosi Bennett

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Specialty: Advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology - Cardiovascular disease
Location: Minneapolis Heart Institute – Cardio-Oncology Clinic / Minneapolis Heart Institute – Edina (Centennial Lakes) / Minneapolis
Phone: 612-863-3900

Julie Berken

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Specialty: Nephrology
Location: Minneapolis
Phone: 612-863-3900